IE7pro 2.5.1

Add interesting extra features to Internet Explorer 7


  • Includes many extensions
  • Allows you to spell-check and tab surf
  • Installs everything in one click


  • Many extensions not necessary
  • Features available in other plugins

Very good
If you're a die hard IE7 fan then you'll probably be a bit bored with the default setup. IE7Pro spices-up Internet Explorer with a ton of features and tweaks to make IE "friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable" in the words of the developers.

So what does it offer? Well, it may be nothing new but it includes Tabbed Browsing so you can have multiple windows open within one window. If you don't have the Google Toolbar, then it also incorporates a useful one-click Spell Check plus Inline Searching, Crash Recovery in case you lose a session and a Proxy Switcher if you use your browser on different networks.

There's also a rather dodgy Web Accelerator which in reality, doesn't seem to speed-up anything. In addition to all this, you'll find a Webpage Capture utility and Flash Blocker and pus a few more script plugins. In reality, half of these you can install via other plugins or won't need anyway. However, if you can't be bothered searching around for alternatives, it does pack the most important plugins into one package. By loading your browser with so many additions too, it can actually slow down the loading of some websites.

Fix some bugs


  • Fix some bugs

IE7pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which adds lots of features and extras that make your Internet Explorer easier, more useful, more secure and more customizable.

Still at an early stage, this add-on enables you to tweak the browser's appearance, filter ads, manage proxy servers, customize user agent and recover from session crashes. Also, it features a tool to help you search for information in your favorite Internet search engine.



IE7pro 2.5.1

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